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Mayfair Gardens in Bukit Timah enclaved by landed houses

Jadescape in Bishan close to Marymount MRT Station

The Tre Ver in Potong Pasir rivefront lifestyle

Park Colonial At Woodleigh MRT Station

Riverfront Residences in Hougang

Affinity in Serangoon

The Tapestry | Luxury and quality condo in Tampines West

Twin VEW in West Coast Vale

Queens Peak At Queenstown MRT Station

Artra Next To Redhill MRT Station

Dear potential clients, do you concern about the following questions? 

1.Is it a good time to buy new private home?

2.Is central region my preferred location?

3.Which project is a good buy in city-fringe region?

4. How is the property market right now?

5.Is Additional Buyers' Stamp Duty stopping you?

6. What if the price drop further if I buy today?

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Residential Project Sales Update

1 Jun, 2018: The Crest #12-10, #13-07 sold; The Tapestry #12-02, #05-58 sold; The Clement Canopy #-07-11 sold; The Verandah Residences #02-20 sold; Queens Peak #39-18 sold… …

31 May, 2018: Kingsford Waterbay #06-24, #10-60, #01-49 sold; Seaside Residences #22-17 sold; The Interlace #19-15 sold; Le Quest #06-12 sold; The Verandah Residences #01-34, #231B sold … …

Developer SalesSingapore developer sales market

Developer sales is the key activity for primary market where many new homes are transacted daily.  The prime sale market in Singapore operates transparently and by the law and is well-regulated by the Government. With the stable stream of land supply from both Government Land Sales Programme and collective sales, Singapore developers provide the market with steady stream of new projects coming on the board. 

Developers sales market has rebounded in 2017.  Last year witnessed that the numbers of developer sales of private homes and executive condominiums (ECs) reached the highest since 2014. According to The Straits Times in Jan 16, 2018, there were total 14,707 units sold, which is 23% higher than the 11,971 units did in 2016.

In 2018 till May, there are more than 5 new project launches including The Verandrah Residences, Rivercove Residneces EC, The Tapestry, Twin VEW. The developer sales are quite robust with achieving higher benchmark prices and piuc-up rates.  

New project vs resale homebuy new launch project vs resale condo thumbnail

Should you consider buying new project or resale condo when you are financially ready? Let’s say you have lived in your current property for years, and accumulated quite some savings or made good profits from finance market or bitcoin investment, you are thinking if there are good buy property to part your money either earning rental income or capital appreciation in the upcoming years.

This is the typical scenario in Singapore which is one of the highest home ownership rate country in the world. For the case of the first home buyers, we will discuss it in another article. When it comes to choosing a condominium for upgrading or investment, there are obviously two options, new project from developer or completed home in resale market. Either for own stay or rent out, there are always pros and cos for both new project and resale condo. If you plan to buy a private condominium, here are some factors to be considered when you compare which one to choose.

Government Land Sales

Government Land Sales and land supplyGovernment Land Sales (GLS) programme is one of the most important measures to regulate the State land sales to the private developers for residential, office, retail, industrial and other developments in line with market demand. It’s actually regarded as a leading indicator to monitor the property market cycle.

In Dec 13, 2017, the Government released the first half 2018 GLS Programme, which comprises six Confirmed List sites and nine Reserve List sites. These sites can yield about 8,045 private residential units and 63,960 sqm gross floor area (GFA) of commercial space.

Collective Sales

Singapore Collective Sales and land supplyCollective sales or En Bloc sales are the important supplement for developer to replenish the land to grow their businesses, as upcoming projects. When the market turned around in 2017 to see stronger demands from prospective buyers and record-breaking land bids, collective sales also boom too.

Great changes take place in the residential market in 2017. It’s reported that the developers’ unsold inventory has dropped to the low point. There is only one winner for each piece of land from the Government Land Sales, many developers have harvested nothing and have to look into the lands from completed developments for collective sales.

Property investment

Why property investment?Why property investment? Property is close to our hearts whether we like it or not. Have you heard many experts say, “Millionaires become millionaires not by saving pennies, but by investing in real estate”?

According to Singapore’s 50 Richest published by Forbes in July 2017, and also reported by The Straits Times, there are over 17 tycoons whose wealths are accumulated from real estate. Among the top 10 richest list, 40% of those people have made their wealth from real estate. Who are the richest people in Hong Kong? It should tell us the similar story.  The truth of the richest people in Singapore and Hong Kong, even throughout the world, lead us to think how huge wealth is created by property investment.


Is It A Good Time To Buy Property?

is a good time to buy property in SingaporeIs it a good time to buy private property? When come to the good timing for property investment, it’s more about understand the market from the facts and figures than emotional reaction. Upon you are financially ready, kindly please look into the market with logical thinking and risk management in mind.

Are there people who lose money in good market? Are there people who make money in bad market? There are actually no good time or bad time, but your holding power and entry price. Here we will go through the 9 typical factors to get better idea about the current property market in Singapore.  Those factors are very good reflection on what prospect buyers, developers and the Government behavior.

Property Asset Progression

Propeerty Asset Progression planning happy familyBuild Your Wealth Systematically With Property Asset Progression and Strategic Financial Planning? Have you even thought about own your first private condo as early as possible? Have you ever planned to upgrade to EC or private condo, or have you even dreamed how to own 2 private condominiums starting from your existing HDB home? Hundreds of thousands of local households have successfully restructure their property portfolios.

We are now here to talk about from the roof over head to wealth building. Just imagine, if you purchased 2 private condos before 2006 and sell them in 2013, how much more wealth would you create? A residential property, either as HDB home or private condo, is perhaps the most valuable asset for Singapore residents. We have witnessed so many people have benefited from the property boom during the past decades.

Residential Project Videos

You can watch the various new residential project videos here to experience vivid visualization of the housing developments. Through such virtal tour, you can get better idea on how is its location, landscape, faciltities and unit layouts. 


Visit Project Showflat or Actual Sites

Visit Artra showflat contact usNew project showflats are the exciting place that touch our emotion most. By visiting sales galleries, you will enjoy the hands-on experience on the development design, landscape, communal facilities, unit layout, furnishes, developer sales and so on.

If you plan to visit showflat, kindly please book an appointment with our Developer Sale Representative before you come down because our showflat may close sometime for important maintenance or company events. Visitors who have made an appointment with us will be professionally served by our Developer Sale Representative and there is no additional registration required at the reception counter in the showflat, and no service fee is to be charged too if you book some choice unit later on.


Upcoming New Launch Projects

Upcoming new launch projects SingaporeUpcoming new launch projects follow the pace of Government Land Sales(GLS) and developer collective sales. As the rejuvenation of land-scale Singapore, new projects in pipeline play an important role to provide fashion vibrant metropolis living.

In 2017, developers launched over 15 private homes including EC projects with around 8,000 to 9,000 new residential units in the market. In the wake of GLS and collective sales fever, property consultants predict that there will over 20 major new launches over 10,000 new homes to be slated in the market in 2018. The sales performance is expected to at least catch up with that in 2017 given the bright economy outlook and confidence in market recovery.

Financing Your Residential Property

Residential Property Financing

 Property finance is a key component for purchase new residential project in Singapore. When comes to financial part of investing in new poject, there are several major items that buyers should keep in mind.

First, it’s about the project payment scheme and timeline. Normal Progressive Payment Scheme or Standard Payment Scheme is the most common used by developer sales. Some projects like Executive Condominium, or after Completion of Statuary Certificate (CSC) projects use deferred payment schemes as alternative method. Timeline

Second, unless you are planning to make payment by cash and/or CPF, home loan is an essential instrument to finance your new home, which is regulated by Total Debt Servicing Ratio framework, Loan-To-Value ratio, and so on. 

Third, it’s about property related taxes, including Stamp Duty, Additional Buyers’ Stamp Duty, Seller’s Stamp Duty, Property Tax.

Fourth, it’s about use of CPF money which is relevant to Private Home Scheme and Retirement Sum Scheme. Other costs will involve legal fee, mortgage loan stamp duty, bank valuation fee, condo maintenance fee and the like.

Project Sales Timeline
Project Sales Timeline
Project Sales Timeline
Property Financial-calculators
TDSR Calculation
Property-related Taxes
Popular EC Projects for Sale in the Market

EC project developments

EC development is a unique hybrid housing scheme for eligible Singaporean family to buy condominiums at affordable price. Comparable in design and facilities to private condominiums, EC units are meant for middle-class Singaporeans who can afford more than an HDB flat but find private property out of their reach.

The government will continue the scheme, saying that it is still a “relevant” and “market friendly” way of allowing “sandwiched” class to benefit from the EC project.  As former National Development Minister Khaw Boon Wan likened the EC scheme to offering buyers an upmarket Lexus car at the much lower price of a Toyota Corolla.

The government have worked out a series of regulations to promote the healthy continuity of EC housing scheme. Developers offer very market-friendly and affordable EC projects with up-to-date design, condo facilities and quality finishes for qualifying buyers. Here are a group of popular EC developments for sale in the market for your reference.

Popular Private Residential Projects
Private residential developments are upscale dwellings in Singapore. There are over 20% residents living in such estate clusters which including either condominium apartments or landed houses.

Non-Singaporeans may purchase private residential flats in apartments and condominiums. They are restricted from purchasing landed residences unless they first obtain approval from the Land Dealings (Approval) Unit of the Singapore Land Authority.

Private residential projects are steadily slated into the market by following the pace of the Government Land Sales and collective sales. Either brand-new 99-year leasehold or freehold new launch projects, you can both enjoy the well-designed private landscape, comprehensive condo facilities, multiple-choices of layouts, quality furnishes and fittings provided by private developers.

As the proud owners of private development, you are build your property asset progressively and create wealth and abundance for loved ones which can pass on to generations.

Let’s read some private residential projects, you can look into them by your preference and needs. Besides the attributes of projects, you are advised to follow the proven property investment tips.  

Popular Luxury Residential Projects

Luxury Residential Projects

Luxury residential developments is the brightest jewel in the crown in Singapore housing market. Given the pricest housing, they are sited in the prime districts in the centre area of the island. We have heard that many luxuruious homes are along Orchard Road, River Valley, Marina Bay, Sentosa, Tanglin, Holland Road, Bukit Timah Road and so on. Those upscale class homes are strategically in the central region with abuandant amnenities and close to the business district that spreads across the central and southern parts of the city.

The high-end residential projects are quite popular among high net worth individuals, either locally or internationally. This is the most international sector of Singapore proeprty market where wealthy Singaporean, Singapore Permenant Residents and foreign investors play the game together.

Luxury home prices have falled over 20% for the past several years given the cooling measures in place. Singapore’s luxury residential property has been priced competitively as compare to other global gateway cities. Market sentiment in the high-end segment have been improved. 2016 witnessed the shining sales performance from Cairhill Nine, Twin Peaks, Gramercy Park, Leedon Residence and so on. The luxury market had been the first to turn around.

Singapore’s economy shows more outlook confidence with over 3% increase in 2017. Reaching the four year high, develoeprs also sold the most private residnetial projects in 2017. The luxury project market have gone with good start in 2018. The luxury condominium, New Futura developed by City Develoments, has sold 20 units in its released South Tower in the private appointment-only sale activty during the period of 18 to 19 January. 

The Government has made great efforts to tranform the city country during the disruption of new technologies and diversify of global ecomony. Far away from over the hill, Singapore still deserves to its reputation for the conducive business environment, clear regulatory framework and a progressive ecosystem of financial and business services.

Singapore keeps on the way to enhance its status amongst the wealthy as a preferred location to live and do business in Asia. The established world-class infrastructure, education and healthcare systems further anchors its global city accolade by promoting a vibrant economy, which will in turn boost the country’s real estate landscape within the next decade.

As the essential part of wealth management, utra-high net worth individuals can still invest in the high-end residential projects to enhance its versatile asset portfolios. It’s the time to create more wealth and abundance for loved ones which can pass on to generations.

Property Buyer's Guide

New Residential Property Buyer’s Guide

Do you need some useful property buyer guide? When comes to purchase new development in Singapore, you are strongly suggested to have a good idea about the country of Singapore, Singapore district guide, Singapore property market, Singapore growth areas, buying new project from developer and relevant topics.  buyer guide to invest property in Singapore

  1. Buy new project from developer: the complete sales and purchase process for a buyer to buy new property in Singapore..
  2. Why Singapore: is Singapore an unique country worth property investment?
  3. Singapore district guide: understand the 28 different districts, how are Core Centre Region, Rest of Centre Region, Outside of Centre Region defined?
  4. Singapore growth areas: althought Singapore is already a land-scarce country,  there are a group of growth areas driving by the Government master plan.
  5. Singapore property market: get to know Singapore residential, commercial and industrial property market and their interaction.
  6. Foreigner investors: what are the good points to invest in Singapore property as a foreigner investor.
  7. Other relevant topics

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