Clementi Growth Areas

Clementi is a mature estate with a good mix of quality public and private housing, and is well-served by a wide range of shops, eateries, hawker centres and markets. Over the next five years, attractive waterfront homes will be built along Sungei Ulu Pandan. New parks and park connectors will also meet the recreational needs of residents.clementi-town-and-growth-areas

Housing: Better amenities for residents

Across Clementi, a variety of housing types provide distinct options for residents. The town is often associated with quality education as it is within close range of a number of schools and institutions. It also has easy access to recreational spaces. To meet growing housing needs, new areas in Clementi will be developed for residences, with accompanying amenities to enrich the living environment. Upcoming developments in Clementi include:
• Public housing near West Coast Park, Clementi Woods Park and near Clementi Town Centre
• Waterfront private housing along Sungei Ulu Pandan and Sungei Pandan

Leisure: Enhancing the green spaces

The vision of enhancing access to green spaces will take root in Clementi, with the goal of bringing most homes within 400m of parks or park connectors. New initiatives include:
• A new linear park at Faber Walk
• An interim green space at Clementi Avenue 6, marking the former Jurong Line
• Neighbourhood parks at Faber Walk and West Coast
To support outdoor activities and a healthy lifestyle, the waterways of Sungei Ulu Pandan have been transformed into an outdoor ‘river classroom’ for experiential learning on ABC Waters design features such as sedimentation basins, floating wetlands and cleansing biotopes, and how these features work. Along the scenic path, a newly completed elevated bridge which links Ulu Pandan Park Connectors and Pandan Gardens provides Clementi residents enhanced connection to the surrounding Pandan Reservoir and Jurong Lake area.

Transport: Smoother, shorter journeys

Travel within Clementi and to other parts of Singapore will be smoother with the following enhancement to the road and rail infrastructure, including:
• Improvement to the Pan-Island Expressway slip road between Clementi North Flyover and Toh Tuck Flyover
• Building of new roads to support future residential developments in the West Coast area
• Improvement to Clementi Road from Bukit Timah Road to Ayer Rajah Expressway
• Improvement to West Coast Road from West Link to Clementi Road
• Improvement to West Coast Highway from Pandan Loop to Pandan Gardens Road
• Improvement to Commonwealth Avenue West/ Clementi Avenue 2
• Improvement to Commonwealth Avenue West towards Jurong
In the longer term, the Jurong Region Line will also benefit West Coast residents by improving the connectivity between towns in the West Region.

Economy: More jobs near home

Clementi is well situated near employment centres in Jurong, Tuas as well as business parks and institutes of higher learning. Fresh opportunities for entrepreneurs and jobseekers alike will be on offer at new developments in the nearby Jurong Lake District and the International Business Park. Both areas are set to be revitalised, keeping them at the leading edge of industry and commerce.

Source: URA Master Plan

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