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Kampung Admiralty

Kampung Admiralty is the 1st integrated senior resident housing development in Singapore which is next to Admiralty MRT Station.  Including healthcare, eldercare, childcare and commercial facilities, Kampung Admiralty will serve as a one-stop hub that encourages social interaction and active living through its innovative design, communal spaces and sustainable features.

To be completed in 2017, the all-in-one “Modern Kampung” Kampung Admiralty includes two blocks of Housing Board studio apartments, centres for medicine, childcare and eldercare, and shops. The Studio Apartments comprising 100 units are fitted with elderly-friendly features such as a retractable indoor and outdoor clothes drying system. The units went on sale in July 2014 as part of the Housing and Development Board’s (HDB) Build-to-Order exercise and almost all have been taken up.

Kampung Admiralty cross view

*Source: HDB website

In Singapore, this is the first time such a project has involved the collective effort of eight government agencies, such as the Housing Development Board, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Social and Family Development, National Environment Agency, Alexandra Health System, Early Childhood Development Agency, and NParks and put so many different facilities under one roof.

On the ground floor is a sprawling plaza where residents can take part in community events or shop. One floor up is a 900-seater hawker centre. Admiralty Medical Centre, run by Alexandra Health System, takes up the third and fourth floors. Higher up, there are eldercare and childcare centres around a community park and even a farm where residents can harvest their own vegetables in the community farm. The housing blocks, which rise from the fourth to 11th floors, have their sixth floor set aside for a recreational centre.

Kampung Admiralty offers the residents a rich variety of conveniences right at your doorstep.

  1. Retail shops, Community Plaza, supermarket
  2. Hawker Centre, two-level Admiralty Medical Centre
  3. Studio Apartments, roof gardens, a function hall, eldercare facilities and childcare centre.

When Kampung Admiralty opens by the third quarter of 2017, the 11-storey integrated development in Woodlands will also be the first to have a number of amenities such as Singapore’s first automated bicycle parking system, housed under one roof. It will just take minutes MRT ride time for The Brownstone residents to go to enjoy the amenities at Kampung Admiratly.

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