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Woodlands General Hospital or called as Woodlands Integrated Health Campus will be an integrated healthcare facility that can will comprise a large acute care hospital, a community hospital, a nursing home and other associated facilities and services. The 1,800-bed hospital will serve as a hub that fosters health promotion, engages residents, and connects them to health and social care providers in the north.

Through integration of primary, acute, rehabilitative and long-term care, the campus will augment the resources available to the communities to improve care and bring health and wellness to the people.This will be the first of the four new acute hospitals which the Ministry of Health had earlier announced that it would build between 2020 and 2030.

The new hospital will be located along Woodlands Drive 17, opposite Christ Church Secondary School. The site is easily accessible by SLE and BKE, and will also be within walking distance to the future Woodlands South MRT station on the Thomson East Coast Line.

The acute and community hospitals and nursing home will provide some 1,800 beds in total, with the detailed configuration of the hospital development to be worked out subsequently as part of MOH’s 2020 master plan process. The development is targeted to open progressively from 2022.

Due to its rapidly increasing and ageing population, Singapore’s northern region has a strongly expanding need for more, and better-consolidated, healthcare facilities.


*artist impression from C.F. Moller

The new Woodlands Integrated Healthcare Campus in Singapore meets this need with a state-of-the-art healthcare centre that includes a new acute care hospital, community hospital and nursing home that are planned to be built on a 7.7-hectare site, and are designed to fulfil the principles for health-promoting planning and architecture, with integrated parks and green belts. Overall, the new campus will provide 1,800 beds – 1,400 for emergency and reconvalescent care, and 400 for long-term care.

The proposal is based on the wish to create a healthcare complex that provides optimum conditions for restorative and recreational care. From an aerial view, the focus has been on creating visual interaction between the green belt to the west and the characteristically hilly landscape that extends into the site from the south. The space under the hilly landscape will be used for parking spaces in a

structure that will be completed with soil fill – as the basis for an integrated green park that will also serve as a noise barrier against the surrounding roads. The green belt will extend all through the hospital, bringing light and a green aspect right into the heart of the hospital. This will also ensure welcoming and simple wayfinding, whereby various patients pass directly from the arrival area to the specific function areas.

Overall, the hospital is defined by a clear structure consisting of four principal user communities. Each area has a courtyard space that is customised to the needs of the wide range of different users and the atmosphere of each section – with an emphasis on individualised use and clear ownership.

High priority is given to sustainability and energy efficiency and the new complex is expected to achieve a Green Mark Platinum Award under the BCA environmental standard.

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