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Hougang Growth Areas

Hougang is a mature town with good schools and a variety of parks and sports facilities. Over the next few years, residents will be able to enjoy more community facilities and recreational options and have access to more jobs near home. There are also plans to showcase the town’s rich history and heritage sites.

Housing: Gracious living in a heritage town

Hougang currently offers a good mix of public and private housing types to cater to a range of needs and preferences. As part of the plans to rejuvenate the town, areas near Punggol Park will be opened up for building new homes over the next few years. At the same time, various initiatives will be implemented to enhance the overall living environment and to strengthen the residents’ connection with local history, including:
• A one-stop community club with a hawker centre, a healthcare facility and an arts centre, located at Hougang Avenue 9
• An Estate Upgrading Programme including a new pedestrian footbridge across Sungei Punggol at the Gerald-Mugliston Estate
• More retail amenities at Kovan, Hougang Central, Hougang Avenue 7, Buangkok Drive and Jalan Pelikat
• Enhancements such as the Upper Serangoon Road heritage corridor to showcase Hougang’s history
• Improvements to public spaces such as new walkways and landscaping at Hougang Central
• A new nursing home to serve the needs of our elderly residents at Hougang Avenue 8

Leisure: Greener than ever

In addition to several neighbourhood parks and precinct parks, residents in Hougang have easy access to many major parks in the north-eastern region via the
North-Eastern Riverine Loop (NERL) park connectors. When the NERL eventually becomes part of the 150km-long Round Island Route, recreational sites farther afield will be even more accessible, such as the Changi Coastal Loop. As the green network expands in future, most homes in Hougang will be closer to parks or park connectors. This includes:
• New neighbourhood parks within Kovan Estate
• A park at the future Lorong Halus Industrial Park
• An expanded Punggol Park
• An extended park connector at Hougang Avenue 3 to link up with the Pelton Canal park connector, providing easier access to Kallang Riverside
• New interim sports facilities at the Jalan Kayu Sports Hub on Buangkok Crescent
• Enhancements to the canal at Hougang Avenue 10 under PUB’s Active, Beautiful, Clean (ABC) Waters programme, through new landscaping with lookout decks, shelters and seating

Transport: Better roads for better rides

Served by two MRT stations and a bus interchange, Hougang is well connected to other parts of Singapore via public transport. Within the town, getting around will become much easier with transport improvements to smoothen traffic flow and improve accessibility, including:
• A new integrated transport hub at Hougang MRT Station
• Road improvements along Upper Serangoon Road, Upper Paya Lebar Road, Tampines Road, Lorong Ah Soo and Hougang Central
• Extension of Buangkok Link and Buangkok Crescent to complete the local road network within the neighbourhood
• Construction of the Cross Island Line. This will pass through Hougang when it starts operations by 2030, and provides another direct MRT route to Changi and the west, as well as other major towns

Economy: Attractive work places near home

Defu Industrial Park will be redeveloped and its total industrial floor space will be increased significantly. The redeveloped estate will offer more jobs as well as a more attractive work environment with features such as a cycling network and an amenities centre.
Residents hoping for short commutes to work can also look forward to new jobs at the upcoming Lorong Halus Industrial Park. This new-generation industrial park is targeted at light and clean industries such as food, lifestyle and logistics, and will boast a vibrant riverfront lined with lush greenery.



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