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Twin VEW Floor Plans

Twin VEW Unit Mix and Layouts

A wide range of unit types ensures that a home at Twin VEW is one that is well-suited for your family. Take your pick from a selection of 1-Bedroom to 4-Bedroom and penthouse units.  Let’s have a brief look into the unit mix at Twin VEW.

Twin VEW Unit Mix

Twin VEW condo project details


Twin VEW Elevation ChartTwin VEW unit schematic elevation chart

Twin VEW Interior Layout

Enjoy spacious interiors and quality finishes that have been catered to suit your lifestyle. They perfectly complement the finest in branded appliances from the good brands.

Twin VEW unit living and dining room overview Sungei PandanTwin VEW unit bedroom kitchen bathroom

Twin VEW Floor Plans

Reading from Twin VEW condo Floor Plans, you will find this exciting EC development in private enclave of West Coast Vale will offer a wide range of choices from 1 bedroom, 2 bedroom to 4 bedroom and penthouse apartments. The residential flat size varies from 484 sqft to 2,088 sqft with both investor and family own-stay in mind. Either you are looking for a dream home with the compact or premium designs, Twin VEW will take care of your expectation. Privacy-friendly point block layout, smart living technology and riverfront lifestyle in the transforming area make your future home a difference.

Twin VEW Unit Floor Plans

1-bedroom floor plansTwin VEW 1 bedroom A1 floor plan

1-bedroom + Study floor plans

Twin VEW 1 bedroom study A2s floor plan

2-bedroom floor plans

Twin VEW 2 bedroom B2 floor plan Twin VEW 2 bedroom B3 floor plan Twin VEW 2 bedroom B4 floor plan Twin VEW 2 bedroom B1 floor plan

2-bedroom + Study floor plansTwin VEW 2 bedroom study B5s floor plan

3-bedroom Executive floor plans

Twin VEW 3 bedroom executive C1 floor plan

Twin VEW 3 bedroom deluxe C2 floor plan

Twin VEW 3 bedroom deluxe C3 floor plan   

3-bedroom + Study floor plans

Twin VEW 3 bedroom study C4s floor plan

Twin VEW 3 bedroom study C5s floor plan

4-bedroom Executive floor plans

Twin VEW 4 bedroom executive D1 floor plan

Twin VEW 4 bedroom executive D1a top floor plan

4-bedroom Deluxe floor plans

Twin VEW 4 bedroom deluxe D3 floor plan

4-bedroom + Study floor plans

Twin VEW 4 bedroom study D2s floor plan

Penthouse floor plans

Twin VEW 5 bedroom study penthouse PH1 floor planTwin VEW 5 bedroom private lift penthouse PH2 floor planTwin VEW 4 bedroom big living balcony penthouse PH3 floor planTwin VEW 3 bedroom penthouse PH4 floor plan  Twin VEW 5 bedroom penthouse PH5 floor planTwin VEW 4 bedroom penthouse PH6 floor plan


Please contact our Developer Sale Representative at Sale Hotline at 6600-0072 to make an appointment before your visit the showflat. With such appointment, you can avoid the crowd and there are also no additional registration required at the reception counter in the showflat.

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  • 我们发展商销售经纪团队会第一时间短信确认您的预约时间和地点,更新楼盘最新资讯,我们会派人接洽您,全程陪同讲解和交流。
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    发展商的楼盘展示厅或者现房单位会因举办活动或者装修维护可能暂时关闭不对外开放,所以事先预约非常重要,以便您第一时间了解楼盘近况,规划出行,节约宝贵时间, 是您的参观访问顺利圆满。
  • 发展商楼盘或者现房单位都有固定的开放时间, 建议选择在早上10点到傍晚6之间的时间莅临比较妥当,当然我们接到您的联系方式也会第一时间通报比较合适的参观时间。
  • 新加坡大多数住宅楼盘项目都会提供多种户型设计供买家选择, 建议您选择你比较感兴趣的住屋户型,方便我们安排参观事宜。当然也欢迎您参观其它户型单位,以期有全面了解。
  • 在新加坡,根据住宅楼盘项目的类型,所处地段, 户型面积,地契类型等等,您可以选择从售价从几十万新元到上亿新元不等的单位。
  • 在市场上涨期,住宅楼盘销售非常火爆,需要第一时间获取项目的真实和准确信息,以便迅速做出明智决定, 所谓机不可失。



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