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Build Your Wealth Systematically With Property Asset Progression and Strategic Financial Planning?

“Compound Interest is one of the most powerful forces in the world. He who understands it, earns it … he who doesn’t … pay it”         Albert Einstein

Have even thought about own your first private condo as early as possible? Have you ever planned to upgrade to EC or private condo, or have you even dreamed how to own 2 private condominiums starting from my existing HDB home?

We are now here to talk about from the rich to richer. Just imagine, if you purchased 2 private condos before 2006 and sell them in 2013, how much more wealth would you create?

A property, either as HDB home or private condo, is perhaps the most valuable asset for Singapore residents. We have witnessed so many people have benefited from the property boom during the past decades.

When we look at the HDB resale price chart, imagine you purchased a 5 room flat in 2007, how much more money you would make if you sell it in 2013?HDB Resale price index chart 1990 to 2017

When we look back the private home chart, just imagine, if you purchased 1 private home in 2006 and sell them in 2013, how much more money would you make? What if you purchased 2 and more condos in 2006, could you not be laughing all the way to the bank?

Why invest in property Singapore

It was not difficult to make $500,000 more during the years from 2007 to 2013 if you had done properly. The property market was on the uptrend. Is that easy to accumulate $500,000 in your bank account by savings, bonus, part-time income? Not easy at all, it’s not only depend on how you can do well in your occupation but also the strong self-discipline for years.  We have experienced that one’s income try to catch up with expenditure.

Investing in property can bring huge returns if you apply the right strategy to your advantages. Property Asset Progression is one of the kind. It’s just follow the market trend with the right property portfolio.

Let’s look at what can Property Asset Progression do with your wealth creation. Property Asset Progression is a very powerful yet practical strategy to help property owners to restructure their property portfolio timely with strategic financial planning. 

By doing so, you as property owners will keep owning more valuable property assets. Property market as an essential economy activity, is a cycle. History will repeat. When the market move uptrend again, you will reorganize your property portfolio too. Along the course, you will accumulate your total value of property. You are on the fast track to financial freedom and wealth abundance.

When you reach 60-year old, you can retire very comfortably by just cash out some part of your solid property portfolio. Of course, you can pass the rest to your loved ones for generations by proper legacy planning.

Why Property Asset Progression is important for financial freedom and wealth abundance? Read “why property investment” for more details.

Besides, the Government has imposed a series of cooling measures which promote finance prudence among home buyers. As a savvy home owners, you should hear about Total Debt Servicing Ratio (TDSR) framework, Additional Buyers’ Stamp Duty, Loan-To-Value Ratio, Seller Stamp Duty and so on.

With those financial restrictions in the place, prospective buyers are requested to put much higher amount of cash in the front for property purchase. The amount of mortgage loan that you are granted by the bank is likely much less than that in the old days too.   

Property Asset Progression with strategic financial planning is even more critical. It’s our responsibility to make the good use of the limited financial resource for the majority. We are scared anyhow play with it.

How does Property Asset Progression work? All the property investment tips start from a sound finance position. There is no nothing for something. Here is the typical process we will look into.

Property Asset Progression Planning enewproperty

Step 1. Review your current finance situation, this is the starting point, we will quantitatively analyze your usable financial resources. Here are some questions we need find the true facts. How much cash savings and CPF OA you can put for property investment? How is the your monthly or annual income during the past 2 years? How is the returns of your investment (stock, fund, forex, bond, etc.)? How healthy is the liability if you have any? how much home loan could you be granted from the bank?  

Step 2. Review your current property portfolio and evaluate its performance: how is the market valuation, how about the rental income if have, how is the balance loan if have, how is the profitability and future potential? any risk in the current property asset? etc..

Step 3. Monitor the opportunity in the market: is there any good buy property (i.e. entry price, potential upside, low risk) to recommend matching one’s financial position.

Step 4. restructure your property portfolio: after analyze your current financial situation and property portfolio, with recommended good buy property in mind, we will work out a strategic financial plan with proper timeline to optimize your property asset. It’s time to dispose the bad or less performing property and own more valuable property with well-risk management.

Actually, we are committed to provide professional consultation service like a certified financial planner does on your financial investment portfolio. We need keep pace with times to reorganize your property portfolio for the maximum returns as much as possible. Follow the right trend, the time will give you abundant rewards one way or another.


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